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What makes a good translation? A good question, with a fairly quick answer: it depends on what you need from your translation. Do you want a ‘quick and dirty’ approach for consumer-written reviews, that just need to be understandable? Or do you need a high quality, well flowing text that will be read by a big and diverse audience? The answers to questions like these decide how the translation of your source text will look.

Therefore, I think it’s important to talk about your goals for your text. Together, we can decide on the best approach. I pride myself on being able to quickly adapt to that goal, and successfully deliver the project according to your needs and expectations. If there are problems along the way (as happens with translation projects), I will be prompt and communicative, in order to find the best solution together. I will always be available for chats during the project, so that we can alter our course and remain as flexible as possible.

Don’t need any of that and just want a translation done? No problem. I’ll get to work as quickly as possible and just get it done, so that you can focus on other stuff.

In the end, translation can be made very complicated, or it can be very simple: your source text, transcribed into another language, using very high quality standards and with a very high service level. That’s what I do at DoneYesterday Translations.